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27 September, 2021

First, Options will share with customers the HS code and import tax on some common cosmetic products that we usually import:



Step 1: Make cosmetic proclamation file according to Circular 06/2011 / TT-BYT

1. Business registration license

A copy of the business registration certificate of the organization or individual responsible for bringing the product to the market (with the enterprise’s signature and seal). It is understood here that the business registration of the company wants to make a cosmetic announcement

2. Cosmetic proclamation slip

The cosmetic product proclamation report (02 hard copies) with the proclamation data (the soft version of the proclamation report);

The cosmetic product proclamation report is made according to the form of Appendix No. 01-MP of the Circular 06 on the cosmetic proclamation.

The proclamation note must be signed and sealed by the legal representative.

Each cosmetic product is announced in a proclamation slip

The presentation language must be in Vietnamese, English or bilingual in Vietnamese and English

3. Power of attorney

Power of attorney is the manufacturer or product owner authorizes the organization or individual to be responsible for bringing the product to the market to distribute cosmetic products in Vietnam.

English name: Authorized letter (LOA)

Power of attorney must be a certified copy and be consularly legalized in accordance with law, except for cases exempt from consular legalization under international treaties to which Vietnam is a signatory.

Only you can get the Power of Attorney, no service unit can do it for you.

4. CFS (Certificate of free sales)

In the cosmetic publication record, CFS together with the Power of Attorney are the two most important documents and only you can apply, the service unit cannot do it for you.

English name: Certificate of free sales

CFS must meet the following requirements:

CFS issued by the host country is the original or a valid and valid certified copy. In case the CFS does not specify the deadline, it must be issued within 24 months from the date of issue.

CFS must be consular legalized in accordance with the law, except for cases exempted from consular legalization under international treaties to which Vietnam is a member.

5. Ingredients table

In the cosmetic proclamation dossier, the ingredients table of cosmetic products cannot be missing.

The ingredients table is provided to you by the manufacturer or supplier of the cosmetic product itself.

From the ingredients table and related documents above we help you complete the complete cosmetic proclamation portfolio.

6. Account and digital signature

Since July 1, 2017, in order to publish cosmetics, businesses are required to upload online profiles on the national one-stop shop at:

You need to register an account on this system. Then you provide us with your digital signature so that we can upload your profile online on the system for you (you can sign it via remote).

Note when using cosmetic declaration for customs clearance:

The composition of the product varies from month to year. Before each new shipment, does the company need to re-check the finished product products? If there is a change, it is necessary to make a new cosmetic announcement for the product. Avoid the case, when the goods arrive at the port, the customs proposes to open the container for inspection.

If the ingredients on the original label of the product do not match on the claim. Enterprises will be administratively sanctioned from 30 to 50 million VND and within 30 days from the date of sanctioning, the enterprise must add a new announcement. If more than 30 days, the enterprise does not present the new announcement, the customs will proceed to re-export the shipment.

Procedure for import of the cosmetic items, Procedure for import of the cosmetic items,

Step 2: Clearance procedures

Customs procedure documentation includes:

Invoice, packing list: Copy (signed, stamped, title and unmarked: Copy of original)

Bill (Bill of lading): Original bill, or telex bill, surrender bill (photocopy)

Sea freight bill and CIC invoice at Hai Phong port, Cat Lai: in case of buying FOB price

Surcharge invoice at the port of export: In case of buying Exw price

Receipt of cosmetic announcement: Photograph, published case from January 2016. Cases published from 2012, 2013, enterprises need to present original cosmetic proclamation slip and photocopy to customs officers to check the authenticity of records. Since 2016, implementing online cosmetics publication, businesses present the snapshot. In case of need, customs officers will ask for the same ID and password to log into the 1-door system and check the original on the system.

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