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Import wine to Vietnam

05 T10

Wine is a group of special consumption products, so when carrying out procedures to import wine, your business needs to do a lot of specialized sub-licenses such as: legal wine import documents, imported wine stamping, Paper Therefore, wine on the list of imported goods must be checked for quality assurance, technical regulations and food safety. Before customs clearance is under the management responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued under Decision 3648/QD-BCT dated September 8, 2016 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, specialized inspection must be carried out in accordance with current regulations.

Regulation on wine imports in Vietnam

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Wine imports in Vietnam are regulated by the Customs Law (2015) and other notices and decrees issued by the Vietnamese Government. In order to properly determine policies, regulation on wine imports in Vietnam, one of the first thing needed to determine is the HS code of the commodity. Wine grapes’s HS code Chapter 22: Beverages, spirits and vinegar


27 T09

Tóm tắt nội dung1 First, Options will share with customers the HS code and import tax on some common cosmetic […]

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