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Why choose services at Logistics Solution

Logistics Solution brings Courier & Transport services spread across 63 provinces and cities, meeting all the needs of fast mail delivery, goods of our customers, ensure quality & service Warmth - Friendly.

24/7 consultation
Quick procedure
Reasonable price
Express delivery

Super fast inner city delivery in just 3 hours
Send inter-provincial receive immediately after 12-24 hours

Real-time control

Customers always know where their packages actually are,
Who is shipping and estimated delivery time?

Modern facilities

Spacious warehouse system, 100% sealed trucks
Over 350 post offices and delivery points nationwide coverage

Guaranteed safety

Customers' goods will always be carefully and safely guaranteed with delivery services at Nhat Tin

online support

Working time from 7am to 10pm daily
Serve and answer all customer questions
Hotline: 1900 63 6688

The numbers speak

Our Values

Each member and all HP Global team always keep in mind and show the core values of Integrity - Dedication - Intelligence in all company activities.
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